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EMBR is an ecosystem to promote your idea, build a team, collect feedback, and finally, launch your project.

We want to make the process of building decentralized applications as seamless as possible, allowing for greater innovation. The focus herein also lies on making our platform compatible with mainstream financial infrastructure. We understand that without this integration, people won't be able to access the DeFi market easily because it will continue to exist within its own ecosystem. EMBR will therefore be your gateway to a decentralized world.

We at EMBR are committed to providing a better experience for everyone in the DeFi space: entrepreneurs and investors alike. We want to make it as simple as possible for you to develop your concept into a fully functional ecosystem of dApps. From ideation to launch, you can build both your community and your business from scratch within one platform. EMBR's trailblazing approach allows investors of all magnitudes access to highly-vetted, audited emerging cryptocurrencies.

Coin/Token Launched On: 24th Nov 2021
Coin/Token Added On: 11th Mar 2022








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